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Gina Signorelli, MS, RDN, CNSC, IBCLC

About Me

I provide caring, supportive, step-by-step breastfeeding consultation and infant nutrition services. 


I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) - the gold standard in breastfeeding support worldwide - and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), with more than a decade of experience in a level III NICU and Pediatrics at one of New Jersey’s best hospitals.


My primary services include: prenatal breastfeeding and nutrition education, gestational diabetes, latching difficulties, nipple pain, milk supply, weight gain concerns, oral dysfunction (lip, buccal, tongue ties), engorgement, premature and NICU graduates, multiples, pumping, returning back to work, failure to thrive, picky eating, and introduction of solids.  Offering expertise in diet and gastrointestinal issues with infants and toddlers including reflux, colic, and milk allergies, as well as helping with the breastfeeding dyad (relationship between mom & baby).


I believe each momma should give herself time, be gentle on herself, and stay positive. You aren’t failing, you’re just learning together.  Breastfeeding and infant nutrition doesn’t always come easy, but every mom and baby can succeed. 


Contact me for a free consultation - virtual and in-home visits available (strict COVID-19 precaution adherence observed).



Home Visits

In-person or virtual consultation.  Strict COVID-19 precaution adherence.

Lactation Consultant

Prenatal breastfeeding and nutrition education, latching difficulties, nipple pain, milk supply, weight gain concerns, tongue ties, engorgement, premies, pumping, returning to work, etc.

Contact Me

Contact me for a free consultation. 

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What Moms are Saying

"As a nurse, I went into breastfeeding with some knowledge. However, by day two my nipples were bruised, cracked, so sore, and I was defeated. Gina got me through. Her holistic approach made the difference. Hands down best decision I ever made."

- Maryann

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